Tactical Tees Stickers

As part of celebrating our new tactical tees website, www.exceltacticaltees.com, we have just got our new batch of stickers in. They look AWESOME!

I think you gun fanatics will really like these!

They can go on your gun cabinet at home or maybe even on the case you keep your favorite rifle in while traveling! You will be the coolest person in the woods or at the range!

You want one?

Here’s how!

Send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Tactical Stickers
c/o Excel Sportswear
15 Forbes Road
Trafford, PA 15085



Proper stain removal tips for your Excel t-shirt!


It seems to me that every time I get a HUGE stain on my shirt, it’s the first time I’ve worn it. Today I wore a NFL jersey and dripped Arby’s Sauce all over the number on the front of the jersey, of course the numbers are white. These jerseys cost $120 BUCKS!!!!

A lot of people recommend getting a jersey dry cleaned, I tried it, the jersey wasn’t the same when I got it back. Some of the patch got really messed up so I don’t reccomend it for hockey or football jerseys. Do this at your own risk!

Now I am scouring the internet looking for proper stain removal/laundry tips so I figured since I work for Excel Sportswear I should probably blog about this to assist a customer if it happens to them on their Excel t-shirt. So here goes…

1. ACT FAST- Brand new stains are the easiest to get rid of!

2. READ ALL DIRECTIONS- Don’t just start dumping every stain remover you have onto your garment and ALWAYS test it first on a hidden area if possible.

3. INSIDE THE SHIRT- You want to make sure that when you spray any kind of stain remover on your garment you do so from inside or behind the stain.

4. USE EXTREME CAUTION WITH DRY CLEANING SOLUTION- These can be extremely dangerous if used incorrectly. If you decide to use any be sure to rinse thoroughly and let dry before you put it in the washing machine if not it could result in a FIRE!

5. NEVER SPOT CLEAN WITH BLEACH- If you decide to use bleach for stain removal consider doing the whole garment in bleach rather than 1 spot. The reason being is it may result in uneven color consistency throughout the shirt.

6. NEVER MIX SOLUTIONS- This can result in harmful odors and results for your clothes may vary.

7. ALWAYS WASH GARMENT AFTER APPLYING SOLUTION ON IT- Don’t just put stain remover on it and forget about it. If you don’t you could have residue left behind AND you don’t want them chemicals against your bare skin!

8. DON’T RUSH- You want to make sure you thoroughly clean your garment. If it takes 2 or 3 washings, so be it.

You can find these tips but more in depth at About.com