Excel Sportswear had a blast at Bowling Green Ohio this year.

The 44th Annual National Tractor Pulling Championships in Bowling Green Ohio were a blast! It was a humbling experience to see so many of our shirts walking around the fairgrounds and great to put faces with so many of our customers.The pullers were a fun bunch, the fans were more than enthuastiac, and the event coordinators were hospitable and took care of everything we needed. It was great to see the looks on the faces of the fans and kids when they were shooting the promotional Excel Sportswear t-shirts out of the shirt cannon. Congratulations to all of the ring winners. I know that is something that everyone wants, but few can obtain. Thank you again to everyone that made this years trip a success (and fun), Im sure you will see Excel Sportswear at future pulling events.

Congratulations to the 2010 NTPC Ring Winners

SS Diesel  -  Brian Shramek / Young Blood

Super Farm – Larry Sheets / Red Rider

Modifieds – Adam Bauer / Cross-Threaded

4WD Trucks – Scott Phillips / Yankee Blue

2WD Trucks – Jeff Bartley / Lumberjack

Open SS – Terry Blackbourn / Extremely Armed & Dangerous

Unlimiteds – Bill Vories / American Thunder

Modified Minis – Jason Hathaway / Honkin’ Donkey

Pro Stock – Kevin & Danny Schmucker / Rampage

Semis – J.R. Collins / Buckeye Bulldog

LSS – Brian Korth / Considered Armed & Dangerous


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